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Certified Roofing and Restoration Contractors



Our Platinum Partner, Genesis Contractor Solutions has helped us create a network of vetted, highly trusted and qualified contractors to be a part of In addition to stringent profiling requirements, background checks, testing and financial requirements, each contractor must be a Platinum Partner with Genesis Contractor Solutions in order to earn their status on the preferred contractor list. Genesis Contractor Solutions helps contractors with growth and stability. We also serve as a third party administrator and quality control check to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction. Industry partners help us with the materials, labor, and consulting that comes with changing an industry and its reputation.


We are Proud of Who We Are


We are not always proud of our industry but we can help make it better. Scams happen. Insurance Companies deny valid claims and short their customers owed monies on approved losses. Contractors take money and do not finish contracted work and do not do quality work. Consumers have work completed and do not pay contractors. We are here to help. At, we are dedicated to doing what’s right and helping those who have been wronged. We know many contracting companies, and even insurance companies, have made our industry known for scams and unfair practices and we are here to help the consumers and our communities with top rated contractors that we guarantee and consulting to help with evaluating your insurance policy and picking the right insurance companies.

That’s why we’re committed to bringing together the best of both parties to help right these wrongs. We’ll listen to your story, do our best to figure out how to help you, donate time and resources when possible, and get you a good roof over your head. And if you’re a trusted contractor who’s been taken by a customer, we’re here to help you, too.

Our Mission is an organization created to be a consumer advocacy leader while helping change the insurance restoration and roofing industries and being a trusted organization that consumers who have had a loss in a storm situation can call and depend on help in stressful times. The first three days after a storm are the most stressful and where help is needed the most and wants to be the first call people make to get help.


We believe everyone deserves to be taken care of after a storm. Together, we will work to make storm loss easier and more efficient to get your property repaired correctly and in a timely manner.

It is our mission to bring back integrity, honesty and quality workmanship to the roofing and restoration industries, serve as a checks and balance for roofers, insurance companies and consumers, and help educate consumers on how to avoid problems or how to fight back when problems occur. We unite trusted and proven contracting companies with consumers to provide quality work and timely completion, and we work to secure monetary resources and services to help those most in need to obtain contracting work needed on their property.

Our Partners

The Roots of & and were started by Jeff Posey Founder of Genesis Contractor Solutions, and formerly a owner of Skyline Roofing & Solar USA in Colorado. Jeff has years of experience with the replacement of thousands of roofs in Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nebraska and Tennessee. He is also very active in helping communities during times of crisis and natural disasters including working with Dan Akroyd and the Coastal Blue Foundation after Hurricane Katrina.


With more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, ranging from high-rise and historical building restoration and development, to designing and building Smart Growth Communities, Jeff has built a reputation for exceeding his clients’ expectations and for being a generous and respected member of the community. He has made it his life’s work to find a way to combine his passion for business with his passion for helping others.

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