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The Insurance Company Scam

Bad faith insurance companies systematically low-ball claims, delay payments or change the terms of a homeowners’ insurance policy to limit the amount of money paid on claims. A home can be devalued if roof repairs are not properly done. Repairing only a portion of a roof, siding, painting or even interior work may render it mismatched. Agents have been known to bend the truth to homeowners about premiums in order to limit claims. These practices have left homeowners in dire financial straits. In some cases, homeowners and adjusters disagree on the settlement amount or the denial of a claim. Bad faith insurance companies tie their bottom line or net profit to practices that encourage and condone the delay, denial, underpayment and forced litigation of claims. has Public Adjusters that can work you with you concerning your insurance loss. We strive to to help you understand your policy and ensure you receive the proper coverage. We also advise on what you might need to add to keep your family’s property protected. Do not get bullied by your insurance company and do not fear calling them out to do the right thing.


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