We are not always proud of our industry, but we can help make it better. Scams happen. Insurance Companies deny valid claims and short their customers owed monies on approved losses. Contractors take the money and do not finish contracted work and do not do quality work. Consumers have work completed and do not pay contractors. We are here to help. At StormScamHelp.com, we are dedicated to doing what’s right and helping those who have been wronged. We know many contracting companies, and even insurance companies, have made our industry known for scams and unfair practices, and we are here to help the consumers and our communities with top rated contractors that we guarantee and consulting to help with evaluating your insurance policy and picking the right insurance companies.


That’s why we’re committed to bringing together the best of both parties to help right these wrongs. We’ll listen to your story, do our best to figure out how to help you, donate time and resources when possible, and get you a good roof over your head. And if you’re a trusted contractor who’s been taken by a customer, we’re here to help you, too.

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