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A Scam can come in all forms, whether you’re dealing with a roofing contractor who has left you without a reliable roof to protect your family or a restoration contractor who failed to properly mitigate your damage and did not restore your property following a water or fire damage. The results are the same, you are left with an incomplete project or shoddy workmanship and sub-standard repairs to your home or business. Be proactive – take the first steps to ensure you get the workmanship you deserve. Ask questions. What is the timeframe for my project? What are the costs involved? Do you have all the necessary licenses and permits to do the work? Is the workmanship and material to be used comparable if not superior in quality to what was damaged? If you are concerned about your contractor, contact us today. has a network of reputable, honest contractors that we not only recommend but guarantee will provide you with the project results you deserve.

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